Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You belong in Ireland

That's what I was told when I took the "Where should you be?" quiz on Facebook. According to the results. . . "You belong in Ireland. You love the countryside and you want to spend your life being surrounded by green. You love small towns where you can relax in the pub and have a chat, and several pints! Sunny destinations aren't important for you, you'd rather be in this beautiful country, where the people are chatty and down to earth and where culture surrounds you everywhere you go."

Funny thing is, if you substitute "Pacific Northwest" for "Ireland" in that description, the rest still fits nicely. I guess that means I'm in the next best place to Ireland. Just wish the Guinness were as good here as it is on the Emerald Isle. I swear they keep the best stuff for themselves -- and really, who can blame them? Truly the pints I've imbibed in Irish pubs (geographically speaking, that is) have been the best.

Wherever you find yourself on this St. Patrick's Day, I wish for you nothing but good fortune, friends, family, food, and fun -- oh, and fiber. Enjoy!

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PNWBookGirl said...

Brandon took the same Facebook quiz and had the same results - I'm starting to see a pattern here. ;^)