Friday, March 13, 2009

Springtime Spinning!

Tami wanted pictures of our wheels, so since the sun was shining and I just got my new cup holder today (very fast shipping!), I snapped a few.

Gotta grab those sunny shots while you can around here. Especially since it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow.

See the nifty new cup holder? I love it! If they don't have one listed for your wheel, drop them a note. I bet they might consider making one. :)

Oh and the fiber on the wheel is "Bollywood" BFL from Stitchjones. Ain't it purty?! I have two 4-ounce batches of her BFL in "Delft" (a most marvelous, deep blue) that I plan to spin into singles and then three-ply with this. I think it will be gorgeous. Stay tuned!

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Sharon said...

Can't wait to see the finished yarn!