Monday, October 27, 2008

Helmet Liner drive

helmet linerIf you've ever been in the desert at night in winter months, you know how cold it can get. Now imagine being in a wintertime night desert far, far away from home in combat fatigues and a helmet. You can't stop and get hot chocolate. You can't wrap a warm scarf around your neck. You just get cold.

Helmet liners help. At the shop, we're spearheading a project to collect knitted helmet liners for the troops.

Here's how it works:

helmet liner2Come in to All About Yarn and sign up to knit one or more helmet liners. You'll get a copy of the pattern and a 25% discount on up to three skeins of Cascade 220. It takes one skein to make one helmet liner and we have all the approved colors in stock. With the discount, one skein will cost you just over $5. When you've finished knitting the liner, bring it back to the shop and you'll get an entry into the prize drawing. We'll take care of sending all the liners in together, hopefully in a BIG box.

That's all there is to it.

If you're not in the Portland area, you can still contribute to this drive. Find out more at the official Web site, where you can get patterns for both knit and crochet in a couple of different gauges of yarn. Just make sure that whatever you create fits the specifications for size (gauge is crucial for these to fit inside the standard issue helmets) and uses only 100% wool yarn.

Knit on!


Shelly said...

Millicent looks ravishing in her helmut liner. Tres chic!

Sharon said...

This is an awesome project and I'm glad to hear that All About Yarn is collecting liners. I've made one before, they're not that hard--like you said, gauge is key. If it gaps too much around the face and/or obstructs the soldier's vision, they can't be used. I wanna make another for the cause!