Friday, October 24, 2008

You know you want to!

Secretly, you know you want to do it. Come on, you can admit it here. After all, we're friends, right? You can tell me, honestly!

You've always wanted to be the one to decide what someone else should knit next, right?

Now's your chance! No, I'm not talking about me. I have too many WIPs already, TYVM. But over at Nautical Knitter, you have the opportunity to help determine what project is next on DK's needles. There's just one catch -- all the projects are in nameless, faceless bags. All you can do is pick a bag. Heck, even DK can't remember what projects are in the bags, so the outcome will be a surprise to her in more ways than one!

So go on, put on your "I'm bossy and I don't care!" hat and vote. After all, DK kept a lot of us hanging with her Mystery Shawl KALs, so now it's time to return the favor.

You know you want to!

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