Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes you feel like a Nut(kin)

nutkin1One done, one to go!

These socks are in progress for my friend Margie. It's a trade for the Tom Bihn Swift bag she got as a doorprize on the Sea Socks cruise earlier this year.

Yarn is Fleece Artist 2/6 in Margie's signature color of purple. The pattern is Nutkin (PDF file), although I've modified the heel to be a flap heel instead of the short-row one written in the pattern.

This is a very fast knit. The decreases are all left-leaning, which makes a biased fabric. Rather than fight it, I just let the pattern swirl around the leg. I love how it looks. The bias also makes these very snug-fitting socks. They fit Margie, but not me. Maybe that's a good thing. :)

Now to finish the mate!

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Sharon said...

Pretty sock!!