Thursday, July 03, 2008

A history lesson, courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

I recently purchased one of these dohickies (the technical name for an electronic thingamajig) and it arrived today. The purpose of said device is to transfer images from slides to digital format. (Yes, I realize I could probably do that on my regular scanner, too, but this is a lot quicker.)

You see, my dad used to take lots of pictures in slide format. We had one of those projectors that used the round carriage you filled with slides so you could bore your guests to tears entertain friends and family for hours with your pictures. I don't know what happened to the projector or the carriages, but I have an old tool box full of boxes of slides, all neatly labeled in my dad's handwriting. He was a very organized man.

My mission now is to transfer all of these to digital format and put together some digital scrapbooks for my brother and sister, ostensibly as part of their Christmas presents. (BTW, Vicki and/or Ron, if you're reading this, just pretend you don't now what I'm up to, okay?)

I haven't gotten very far with the project yet, but here's a pic of me, circa 1960, playing in the tulip bed at our house. I was four. Should you wish to do the math, feel free. LOL

Cindy in May 1960

Once I get through all the slides, it will be time to dig out that box of letters that mom saved. There are many, many bundles, sorted by date (roughly). They are the letters exchanged between mom and dad while dad was in the Navy during World War II. There are a few other bits of correspondence in there, too. I confess that I haven't looked at them with much detail yet. I'm beginning to be quite curious about the stories that will unfold in their pages, however.

Anyway, whatever you're doing this weekend, have a great time and be safe.

If you're an American, celebrate the 4th by doing the typical stuff -- getting sunburned, eating too much, drinking (possibly too much), and (a) attempting to blow yourself up with fireworks, (b) keeping others from blowing you and your stuff up with fireworks, (c) reassuring your pets that the fireworks aren't going to blow them up, (d) watching BIG fireworks being blown up by professionals, or (e) all of the above!


yarn hungry hog said...

Hey, I added the math. And guess what, you are my age; but I am an Aries.
I live in Eugene though. We should get together and compare knitting notes one of these days.

Dana said...

Wow!! You got wonderful image converter from Hammacher Schlemmer...