Tuesday, July 08, 2008

February Sock . . . uh, Gull Wing sock pattern!

If you're on Ravelry, you may have noticed the popularity of a certain sweater pattern. It's the February Lady Sweater, provided to all of us gratis by Pamela at FlintKnits. It's a great pattern, adapted for adults from the February Baby Sweater in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac.

Like many before me, the February Baby Sweater enchanted me. It's a quick, enjoyable knit with a lace pattern that's very easy to remember once you've got one repeat established. I liked it so much, that I just had to have it in sock form.

That's where this sock began. I actually designed it quite a while ago, but am only just now getting around to finalizing the pattern. There's a vertical line of twisted stitches framing the lace down the instep that I think set it off nicely. If you'd rather stop the lace at the ankle and make a plain foot, the pattern will still be lovely.

gull wing lace on feetSo, if you're making a February Lady Sweater, make some socks to go with it. Or, make the socks to try out the lace pattern without committing to the time and yarn requirements of a sweater.

Materials: 350-400 yards of fingering weight sock yarn
Set of 5 DPNs, US size 1 (2.25mm), or size needed to obtain gauge
Darning needle for grafting toe.

Shown here in Shibui Sock in the Sky colorway.

Gauge: 8 stitches per inch in stockinette
Size: Instep circumference approximately 8.5" to fit an average woman's foot

Gull sock - Stitch Jones yarn - smallThis pattern is a 5-page PDF file that will be made available for download immediately upon purchase.

Shown here in Stitch Jones Supersock in the Secret Touch colorway as test knit by the lovely Katrina. Thanks, Katrina!

$5 payable via PayPal.


Deborah said...

I find it interesting you were inspired by a FREE pattern and want to charge for socks to match...

Cindy said...

Unfortunately, Blogger does not let me see your email address or I would reply to you directly. You don't seem to have a viewable Blogger profile, either.

First, thanks for visiting my blog. I love it when new folks drop by.

Second, it's not entirely true that the socks were inspired by a free pattern. They were originally inspired by the February Baby sweater in Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitter's Almanac," which, of course, is not free as it's part of a book. I created this sock pattern a year ago. I simply didn't get around to writing it down so that others could follow it, having it test knit, and publishing it until now. The test knit was completed before the free February Lady Sweater pattern was published. It is serendipity that the February Lady Sweater pattern came available now, when I have the accompanying sock pattern ready to go. My good fortune.

I don't feel bad about charging for it at all. I took the time to adapt the stitch pattern so it fit a sock nicely, added my own touches to it, wrote it up, recruited a test knitter, etcetera. If you've ever gone through a design and pattern writing exercise, you'll understand how time-consuming that is.

If you don't feel like paying for my pattern, that's your perogative. There are a couple other sock patterns that use a variation of this stitch pattern and are available for free on Ravelry. Maybe you'll enjoy those.

Happy knitting!

Qutecowgirl said...

I just have to comment on this. Cindy you are completely right. =)

Now I have to over to ravelry and add it to my list and find some good yarn.

oh and purchasing the pattern might help too!

Sharon said...

Good for you Cindy! That's how you put drive-by trolls in their place. Especially ones who don't have the stones to display their contact info.

But that's just my $0.02...