Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweater progress

February lady sweater bodyI started the February Lady Sweater on June 20th. This morning, I finished the body. It's really a simple pattern and works up very quickly.

I'm making the XL size and I've used almost five skeins of Malabrigo worsted (1080 yards) to get this far and have three skeins left. I'm hoping to have enough left over for a hat or maybe fingerless mitts. We'll see.

One thing is for sure. Once I finish this, I'm going to really be looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear this!


MicheleLB said...

Looks great! I just started mine (again) this morning in Dream In Color Classy, Night Watch. We'll all be out and about town, recognizing each other by our sweaters!

Nice socks, too, BTW.

Danielle said...

It does look great! I have the second sleeve started on mine. (You can see some most of it at

Chrispy said...

That is a fine lookin' sweater. Top-down lace sweaters seem to fly by.