Sunday, May 25, 2008

And that was the week that was!

May I sincerely say that I'm glad last week is over? Is it time for Sea Socks 2009 yet? Please?!

Let's see, since returning home on Friday, May 16, I've attended a funeral, worked a party dealing roulette in a virtual sauna (Union Station with no AC or fans qualifies, trust me), worked at the shop, had my car broken into, gotten the car repaired (the glass anyway), dealt with league payouts for bowling, ordered a new Toyota Prius (it's red and due to arrive by June 1), worked at the shop again, transcribed, and oh, yeah, slept and knit a little.

Geez, see why I need another vacation?

I promise that cruise reports and pictures are coming soon. There are LOTS of pictures that you can see in their rather raw form over on my Flickr account. I'll pick and choose a few for here.

In the meantime, here's some evidence that I actually have been knitting a bit. This week is definitely when one of these shirts. (Click the image to go buy one for yourself. NAYY)

Seriously, it's been a trying week and I don't feel like I got anything very producive done. I still haven't unpacked everything from the cruise. I barely got the pictures uploaded to Flickr. The only reason they're available online at all is because Margie was kind enough to take all of her pictures and mine and burn them onto a DVD, which made it easy to upload them rather quickly.

But I did manage to finish one sock that I started on the cruise. It's made with some Blue Moon Fiberarts Socks that Rock in medium weight in the colorway Calico. I bought it at Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island, Washington, the night before we set sail. I hadn't seen this colorway before and I guess it's discontinued, since it's not on the Blue Moon Web site. I love it! I used US1 needles, so this is a tightly knit, heavy sock that will be uber warm in the winter. I did my standard top-down sock pattern with a 3x3 seed stitch rib. I've started its mate, but not gotten very far yet.

One of the things we got on the cruise was a clear plastic bag filled with a ball of yarn and a pattern for a chemo cap. The idea was to knit the chemo cap and give it to Patrica by the end of the cruise. All the caps would then go to charity. Well, I tried to knit with the yarn they gave us, but it's one of those fussy novelty yarns and it drove me nuts. So yesterday at the shop, I picked up a couple of balls of Oh My! from Plymouth yarns and made a chemo cap with that instead. I'll send it to Patricia for the cumulative donation, since I committed to making one and failed to do so on the cruise itself. The yarn is so soft! If you want to make something very, very soft for a baby, I highly recommend it. Of course it makes a great chemo cap, too. This took slightly more than one ball to complete.

So that's my week in a nutshell. I have a ton of transcribing to get done, but decided to take a break and give a brief update here. Stay tuned for tales from Alaska!


Suna said...

I'm with you on the bad week thing--lost my job. But your photos make it all better. Ahh.

I do like that colorway on the sock. If I ever spot any I will have to get some.

I meant to say earlier how irritating the car break-in was. I have taken to making sure my knitting bag is hidden in the back of my Subaru, so no one will see it. I leave NOTHING out. And I don't even live anywhere dangerous.

Alwen said...

Love that colorway (the Calico).

(My word verification is "usnay", which makes me think of pig Latin, except what is "nus"?)

Sharon said...

Gorgeous sock! *covet*

I cast on for Tree bark socks over the weekend. So far, me likey!!