Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thieves suck

Yesterday, my homeowner's association had work done on our street (a glorified shared driveway) to put a new sealcoat on the blacktop. This meant that we couldn't put our cars in our garages, but had to leave them parked on the street. In my neighborhood, the street is narrow and parking is only allowed on one side. When I got home last night, the only place I could find was down at the end of the street, across from what they call the tot lot (a small park), right next to someone's house.

This morning, it was raining. I remembered that the sun roof was in the vent position, so I walked down to the car to close it. Got close to the car and hit the unlock button on the remote and the alarm went off. This is not a good sign. Going around to the driver's side, there it was.

Glass on the ground. No glass in the rear door window.


How no one noticed/heard something going on is beyond me. Chances are, they did hear something, but ignored it. So much for car alarms being useful.

Here's how the inside looked. I had gone to Costco before I came home. Didn't want to schlep all the stuff down the street for three blocks, so I left a few things in the car. I even remarked to a neighbor that if someone wanted to steal my cereal, Kleenex, deoderant and sunscreen, so be it.

Note to self: Stop taunting the universe!

Note to thieves: Hope you enjoy the face plate to my Alpine stereo. I doubt you'll get much reception, since you only got the faceplate and not the stereo itself.

Oh, and enjoy the subwoofer and amp, too. I hope it blasts a really loud, low boom into your rotten ears. And by the way, the Clarion N.I.C.E. GPS head unit you stole isn't much use without the wiring that goes with it. Since it was disconnected and hidden behind the driver's seat, I guess you didn't notice you might need that part. You also didn't seem to notice the case for it that had a few other cables inside.

Thanks for leaving my main amp under the driver's seat. At least once I get a new faceplate for the stereo, I'll have a working system.

Oh, sorry you don't like my taste in music, but I'm glad I still have my CDs in their case on the floor.

Mostly this is just a pain in the butt. I was supposed to work at the shop today, but instead I have to deal with insurance and police reports and cleaning up the mess.

Yep, thieves suck!

ETA: I do believe that in all things there are ways to see positives. So here are the positives in this experience:

1. There doesn't seem to be any damage to the car itself, other than the broken window. This minimizes expenses for repair.

2. I didn't have a house key with me, so I had the garage door opener in the house. Had it been in the car, they could have stolen that and gained access to the house.

3. This serves to remind me that the car is just a car. If economic conditions mean that I need to get something with better fuel economy, so be it. Having the break-in occur is a good way to start to return the car to its "normal" state in preparation for possibly selling it.

But I'm sticking with the assertion that thieves suck! :)


Kathleen said...

Well, crap! I saw your car out on the road today and was anticipating this info. I'm sorry to hear that this happened but am glad that you and your home are safe.

Anonymous said...

This totally sucks! I am sorry. I never thought about the garage door opener and how it provides an open door to your house--thank you for pointing it out.

Again, I am sorry this happened to you.

Judy said...

Thieves suck.

But... is that yarn on the back seat? If so... thank goodness they didn't get the yarn!

Seriously, I'm so sorry. What a mess to clean up. :-(

Sharon said...

Aw, rats!! That just blows, I could wring their necks for doing that to the Cruisemobile. I'm just glad you are ok.

Alwen said...

Ugh! Doesn't sound like thievery is a job taken by smart people, does it?

I'm glad it's mostly just pain-in-the-neck stuff, but they still suck!

Deb said...

Thank goodness they couldn't get in the house! The expense and repairs are such a pain in the ass to go through. I'm soooo sorry!

msubulldog said...

Sorry to hear about your car. We've had both our cars broken into before and, yes, it totally sucks. :( Glad they didn't do more damage to the car, itself, though.