Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I guess I blinked

I must have blinked, because 2007 is over and it's January 2, 2008 already! Seriously, is someone messing with the space/time continuum? Because I have been looking back over my posts from the last year and I swear some of that stuff from six-plus months ago just happened yesterday!

Okay, so first of all I suppose I should check on the knitting resolutions I made last year and see how I did with them. Here they are:
  1. Complete at least one lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Well, I didn't do this. Every time I opened the book, I got caught up in all the pretty pictures and couldn't decide what to make. However, in my defense, I did complete two lace shawls in 2007.
  2. Travel! (A Caribbean cruise and a trip to Italy are already booked.) The cruise was wonderful, but I decided to cancel the trip to Italy due to a number of factors. I felt good about the decision and instead concentrated on stuff at home.
  3. Declutter this house! I had forgotten that this was on the list! Anyway, it's done. There is tweaking still going on -- I suspect that will always be true if I want to keep it decluttered -- and I feel very good about the way things turned out. Yeah!
  4. Continue to have as much fun as legally possible. :) Okay, so this was a no-brainer! I'm calling it a grand success.

Hmm. . .I think I did a pretty good job on these. But then I didn't really make any kind of a stretch when I wrote them, either. That's mostly because I don't hold much stock with resolutions.

So, what knitting did I do this year? I have to admit that I'm a bit gobsmacked at the number of FOs. They really add up quickly! Here's the abridged version of the list:

  • 14 pairs of socks
  • 4 pairs of fingerless mitts
  • 4 scarves
  • 1 pair felted clogs
  • 8 hats
  • 5 washcloths
  • 2 mug cozies
  • 4 squares for Larissa's KAL book
  • 10 felted cranes for KnitNotWar
  • Lace Wings shawl
  • Feather and Fan stole
  • Cat's Cradle topper (crochet)
  • Felted purse

Plus, the following test/sample knits (not included in counts above):

  • Ribbon ribbed vest
  • February EZ baby sweater
  • Felted double-knit bag
  • Eyelet chevron socks
  • Garter heel socks (pictured on the right)
  • Two individual sample socks

Oh yeah, below are the final socks of 2007, completed on December 31. They'll be winging their way to my brother this week.

Earl Grey socks for my brother.

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, color Cocoa Kiss

Needles: US1 Knit Picks Harmony DPNs for one, US1.5 Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNs for the other (because he has one extra-wide foot)

So we're off with another year. I don't think I'm making any resolutions this year. I do have some plans, though, to wit. . .
  • Go on the Sea Socks cruise in May (reservation already made).
  • Knit my first sweater (swatched for Mr. Greenjeans today).
  • Knit more socks. I signed up for the Rockin' Sock Club and I have a LOT of sock yarn already in my stash, so this is rather a no-brainer.
  • Knit at least one lace shawl or stole. I signed up for the Year of Lace and I have at least 10 patterns already that I'd like to make. Can someone order me a longer year, please??
  • Knit gifts all year long so I don't spend the last quarter of the year doing nothing but knitting gifts!

Oh, and my birthday's coming up in a few days. I think there will be a contest of some sort, so stay tuned!

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