Friday, January 04, 2008

In which the second time is a charm

koolhaas 2 The Koolhaas hat I made for a Christmas gift turned out to be a tad too small. Although the grateful recipient would have made do, I would rather she have a hat that fits properly. So I whipped this replacement up for her from some Paton's Classic Wool I had in my stash. It will definitely fit her a lot better!

Note to self: Millicent's head is smaller than most people's, especially considering that her hair is painted on!

koolhaas 2-back I also realized that the picture I took of the "original" hat was taken with the darned thing wrong side out. Doh! Chalk it up to the Christmas rush, I guess. The up side is that the inside looks pretty, too!

The swatch I made for the Mr. Greenjeans sweater washed up very nicely. When I was knitting it, I thought I might be disappointed because the yarn is a bit stiff and rough. But after a run through a cold-water wash, it bloomed very nicely and I love the results. I will be doing some math and casting on soon for that one!

clapotis wipIn the meantime, I pulled out the Clapotis I started long ago and then set aside to do Christmas knitting. I am in love with the colors -- but then who doesn't fall in love with Noro's colors? It's coming along nicely and with luck I'll be able to wear it soon.

And here it is Friday already. Five days before another year ticks off the calendar for me. I'm still thinking of a contest in celebration of my birthday, so check back in a couple of days. For now, it's off to get ready to meet friends for dinner before working a big party tonight. Tomorrow is a day at the shop and then rushing to make it to another party on time. Never a dull moment around here!

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Suna said...

The new hat is also lovely. I cracked up about the indide-out photo--it had looked fine to me, too!