Monday, December 31, 2007

New year, new look!

A while ago, I posted about my quest to buy new furniture at IKEA. Thanks to those of you who weighed in on the decision-making process! I ended up getting a hybrid of the options I originally proposed. It arrived on the day after Christmas and I've been tweaking the setup and adding throw pillows and such. I love it! But you don't have to take my word for it, have a look yourself.

Here's the original setup with the three-piece sectional (which is now in my garage under tarps and up for sale on Craigslist):

I love that sofa, but as you can see, it takes up a large portion of the great room. And since it's usually just me and the cat, it seems like a lot of wasted space. It was time for a change.

So here is the new look, courtesy of IKEA:

What do you think?

On the coffee table is a copy of "At Knit's End," a Christmas gift from my friend Angel, who also graced me with a very plush sheep ornament and a lamb Beanie baby, both on the tree. The material at the base of the tree was what Angel used to wrap my most special present. She's a scrapbooker of the highest form (sadly blogless, though) and made me a 2008 calendar titled "Friends," which contains pictures of our adventures together, along with special sentiments throughout. It made me cry -- good tears, mind you -- over the thoughtfulness and love that went into every page. I love it. And no, I'm not sick of you yet, thank you very much!

Also on the table is a copy of Ann Rule's book "Too Late to Say Goodbye," a gift from my sister. I love true crime books and Ann Rule is the queen of true crime. I haven't had time to really dig into this one yet, but I did start a few pages and am looking forward to reading it soon. Sis also sent me a couple of lovely DVDs -- the two-disc special edition of "Bringing Up Baby," one of my favorite wacky old comedies, and the charming "Pieces of April," which I had never seen. I've watched it already and it is a good movie. If you identify with dysfunctional families at all (and really, who doesn't?) it's an enjoyable thing to watch. And I have to confess, I think it's the first thing I've ever watched with Katie Holmes in it. Thanks, Sis! I love all this stuff!

Also on the tree are some charming snowflake ornaments from Angel's sister and a linen angel at the top she gave me, too. The big candle on the table is from DAMNKAT, which isn't a statement about a misbehaving feline, but the first initials of a whole group of folks that comprize Tina and Ken's family.

Oh, and Margie gifted me with a stone for the garden with the word NAMASTE carved in it, which is a traditional Hindu greeting that literally means "I bow to you." It's generally a recognition of respect and acknowledgement of one soul by another, or something along the lines of, "I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me." (Attributed to Deepak Chopra) It's future home will be in the garden somewhere, but for now, it's on the table. My friend Paula gave me a beautiful moon and stars wind chime that hangs with lots of other stars and raindrops and fairies and whatnot over the breakfast counter separating my kitchen from the great room.

Anyway, all this is to say that the year 2007 is ending on a very nice note in my life. I have great friends and family. I have a lovely home that I love. I have three (!) jobs, none of which pay a lot, but they pay enough and give me ample free time and independence, which I love. I'm fairly healthy. Life is good.

Here's hoping your year is ending on a high note as well. And if it's not, here's hoping that 2008 brings wonderful experiences and opportunities and happiness for you.

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knitnutter said...

I think your new room is gorgeous, well done. I haven't been to Ikea yet, it is on my places to visit list!
Thanks for adding me as a friend, sorry it has taken so long to reply. I'm on the east side of Portland, close to Gresham. I'm having a birthday this month too!
Your blog is new to me and I'm enjoying reading your adventures!
I've only just started knitting again after many years of procrastinating. I had a huge amount of acrylic yarn given to me so I started out crocheting that into afghans etc. Then I moved on to buying nice soft yarn and making scarves and wrist warmers. I love the socks so many are making but think they are too much for me to tackle.
Nice talking to you,
Audrey - Knitnutter