Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Redux

For your viewing pleasure, here are pics of Christmas gift knitting being received. Good times!

The holiday started on Christmas eve with dinner at a friend's home, followed by church. Sadly, I was a bad blogger and took no pictures.

The day after Christmas, I celebrated with friends who are now family. We celebrated a day after the "official" holiday because that's when everyone could be there and people are more important than a calendar date. :)

The ear flap hats were very well received. Basically, once they were on, they didn't come off. I'm glad they liked them -- they really liked them!

This hat put Alexa into a meditative mood.

Not a great picture, but there is a hat being modeled. Note to self: Next time, trust the pattern and don't leave out a repeat. The result will be a better fitting hat!

No more cold head or ears for Greg!

But wait! There was more than just hats. Here's Tom modeling a pair of Dashing mitts. Bye-bye cold hands!

Michelle got Fetching mitts. The smiling faces took center stage, though. :)

Angel looked very much in season with her green Japanese Vines scarf over that gorgeous red blouse.

There was so much more, but in the excitement, I didn't get pictures of it all.

Yesterday, I had lunch with friends for our annual gift exchange.

Margie really liked the felted purse. In the end, I didn't do the lining. I think it holds up well without it and one can always be added (hopefully by someone with better sewing skills than I!)

Paula modeled the felted clogs on her hands rather than taking her shoes off at the restaurant. Once she got home, she tried them on and let me know that they fit well. No more cold toes!

It was a very nice holiday. Knitting, FOs, good food, good friends, and a dusting of snow. I simply could not ask for more!

Oh, yeah, I did get some cool gifts, too. I'll have to post about that another day.

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

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