Thursday, December 06, 2007

18 days left!

ACK! Christmas knitting has been occupying my needles for quite a while now. I'm on the home stretch, but still not all the way there. Here's the list as it stands right now:

Completed items:
Lace scarf (not blocked yet)
Koolhaas hat
Earflap hat (3 so far)
Vita hat
Mug cozy (IW Holiday issue)
Socks (2 pair so far)
Felted bag (lining & zipper still not done)
Little Gems mitts
Fetching mitts
Dashing mitts

Still to be done:
Earflap hat (1 to go)
Watch cap
Mug cozy (1 more)
Socks (1 more pair)
Felted clogs (one done, one to go)

Plus the blocking and finishing mentioned above.

It's doable, right? Please say yes! Don't squash this knitter's hopes!!!

Oh, and I need to two two squares for the Great American Afghan for the shop, too.

It bears repeating. ACK!!!

As you've no doubt heard, it's been a bit rainy here. All is well with my place. The only glitch came late Sunday night when I was transcribing and the power suddenly went out. It came on just a minute later, though, and thanks to settings in MS Word, I didn't lose any work. Many folks in the area weren't so lucky.

Speaking of transcribing, I better get working on some now! I had a brief reprieve this afternoon, during which time I managed to get two earflap hats completed. YEAH! Now it's back to work!


Little Old Liz said...

Gosh - sounds like you got your money's worth from the Interweave Knits Winter mag. You go, girl. Knit like lightening!!!

Meghan said...

You can do it all! I'll send good knitting vibes your way. =)