Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mood: Tired but happy

Well, today was a loooong day, but it was a good one, too.

I did my first full day at the shop. RaNaye was there in the morning, but then trusted me enough to leave me on my own for most of the day. Fortunately for both of us, all went well! There was a fairly steady stream of customers all day long (thanks for coming in, by the way!) and I got to answer all kinds of questions.

One customer came in with the beginnings of a lovely little hat, the pattern for which she had downloaded free from the Internet. She was having a problem because after doing the decreases as instructed, the stitch count she had and the count indicated in the pattern were vastly different. Whoosh! Off I went to the computer and Ravelry. A quick search found the pattern and right there on the pattern page was a note that there was a typo in the pattern. Instead of casting on 270 stitches, it should have read 170! EEK! At least the problem was solved, but the poor customer had to go home and frog all the work she had already done and start over. She was glad, however, that she had stopped and come in to ask the question rather than just slogging on.

Did I mention I love Ravelry! Okay, just checking. :)

There were new sock knitters in today, too. As you know, dear reader, I love to knit socks! So I'm more than happy to lure more knitters to my obsession help folks discover the joys of sock knitting! Truly they are a simple thing to knit once you understand the separate parts and how they all work together. It's fun to help break it down for folks so that what seems so daunting can begin to feel simple. ('Cause it really is simple, don't ya know!)

In between customers, I worked on a pair of Dashing mitts that are coming along wonderfully. It's a great pattern to work on in the shop because it's not complex, so it's easy to stop/start knitting as time permits.

Anyway, with that steady stream of devoted knitters (it was, after all, a quite cold day with small snow flurries in the morning) coming in, the day went by very quickly.

After closing out the till and locking up, I was off to my second job for the day -- running a roulette table at a party held at OMSI. The guests kept me very busy and we had a good time. But I'm definitely glad to be home and definitely thankful that the bits of snow this morning were only teasing and the 2-4 inches some of the weather folks had predicted did not materialize.

Yep, I'm tired, my feet are sore, and my back is ready to lay on my Tempurpedic mattress (oh, how I love that mattress!), but I'm grinning. I got paid to play all day. I feel blessed to have people pay me to do things I love.

Life is grand.


Leslie Shelor said...

That does sound like a long day, but a great one! Ravelry is marvelous, isn't it? It's the best, isn't it, to be able to do what you love!

Suna said...

I'm glad the new job is going well! I'll get to hang at the yarn shop and teach people when my current job ends (4 months earlier than scheduled) so, until a new writing gig pops up, I'll get to play and work, too!

And I agree. Ravelry is a great idea. I worked on an Internet Community design once, so I really appreciate what a good job they have done setting it up. And that it works pretty well, too.