Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hangin' at the shop!

Today was spent making progress in setting up Urban Fiber Arts. Once again, friends came over and spent the afternoon helping me. I'm so lucky to have these amazing people in my life! There is no way this shop could happen without their help!

Scott had offered to hang some speakers for me. Then he showed up and surprised me by bringing these awesome speakers that are professional-quality and proceeded to suspend them from the ceiling. Did I mention the ceilings are about 14 feet tall?

Next weekend, he's bringing over an amplifier and all I'll need for music is my iPod or to connect the system to the computer and there will be lovely sound dispersed throughout the shop. Amazing! Thank you so much, Scott!!!

Donnie and Angel helped me put together the rolling carts that I'm using for shelving. We got three of them done and then ran out of shelf clips with three shelves left to go on the fourth cart. I'll go to Portland Store Fixtures this week and get some more so we can finish that one.

While we assembled the carts, Duffie and Wendi took on the task of opening up all the SKUBB cubes from IKEA that will actually hold the yarns and fibers. Angel and I had gone to IKEA earlier in the week and purchased 34 packs of these cubes, three to a pack. Wendi and Duffy were ripping plastic and zipping up the back side of each cube, then cutting out all the tags from the inside of them. As soon as we finished assembling a cart, they loaded it up with cubes. This truly started making the place look like it was ready to sell something!

Oh, and then there's the seating area! I purchased some great chairs from Cost Plus (on sale, no less) that are comfortable, sturdy, and the exact right colors for the shop. Lori, Angel, and Duffy put together the two that I had brought in (there are two more still in my garage).

I had purchased a piece of vinyl wall art from in Mexico. They have some really marvelous art pieces and shipment was very speedy. Here are Donnie and Angel putting the piece on the wall.

And here's Duffy doing her best Vanna White imitation to show off the finished product.

This shot also gives you a peak at the chairs, table and rug in the sitting area, as well as one of the carts with the cubes awaiting product.

First shipments of yarn should start arriving this week. More orders will also be placed. Next weekend, Scott and Donnie will install the rest of the lighting and, if it arrives this week, the slat wall. Checkout counter and display case will arrive with the slat wall. Then the point of sale system needs to come in and I will be furiously entering products into the inventory database and printing labels and stocking shelves.

There are more details to take care of, too -- like a city business license and getting the signs made. But things are really starting to roll along and I've got my fingers crossed that I will be able to officially open the doors before October.

Did I mention that I have incredible friends??? :)



Tammy said...

You have awesome friends. I wish we could have come and helped out, but we have doggy class on Sundays. I can't wait for the shop to open though!

Rachel said...

Coming along nicely! Can't wait to see it for myself!