Monday, June 21, 2010

What's that echo?

Ah, it's the sound of a neglected blog!

Okay, so, here's a new pattern I call Artio. It's a fisherman's style scarf and I love the way it fits.
On the left, Millicent is modeling the original knit in Zealana Kauri, a lovely Merino/Possum mix from New Zealand.
On the right, Rachel is modeling the test/sample knit in Stitchjones dyepot Merino worsted. Doesn't she look cute? Love those colors!

This pattern will be available soon, I promise!
I hope to put some REALLY exciting news here soon, so stay tuned!
Got to go to Black Sheep Gathering on Saturday and had a lot of fun, but didn't take a single picture! ACK!
Oh, and today I got a major award! (Okay, maybe not so major, but still. . .)

I won artwiculate and all I got was this lousy badge, internet fame and a lovely certificate.

The word: Demure (adj): quiet, modest, reserved or serious

The entry: "Amish flirting: Demure allure."


Rachel said...

It was a fun fast knit! Took me like 3 days to knit, but I have a toddler now so that's fast! And normally, I would not choose this color for myself, but I keep getting compliments on this picture. So, maybe I need to make another one for myself!

Leanne said...

Can't wait to hear your news! I (of course) am fond of the Kauri scarf... love the way the yarn blooms!