Monday, January 04, 2010

Twenty-what? A year in fiber perspective.

2010? How is that possible? Time definitely flies.

I remember being in elementary school and writing essays about what we thought we'd be doing in the year 2000. Back then, we all pretty much felt that we'd be so old that we wouldn't be doing much of anything. Ah, the perspective of youth!

Now here it is, ten years past that date. Amazing. Remember when 2001: A Space Odyssey seemed like it was way far in the future? How about the sequel, 2010, the movie that introduced "piece of pie" as a humorous twist on an old cliche?

Gee, I'm old enough to remember reading Orson Wells' 1984 and thinking how far in the future that date seemed!

Perspective is everything.

So, to give 2009 some perspective, from a knitting standpoint anyway, I present my list of FOs for the year:

Mixed Signals scarf
Christmas spin shawl (started in December, finished in January)
Vicki's Victory scarf
Nutkin socks
Star-topped Premie Hat
Trekking socks
Hey Teach! sweater
Secret of the Shawl KAL (aka, Crystal Garden shawl)
Ellis baby dress
Krista top (never did get a picture)
Come Sail Away socks
Slip 'n Slide socks
First Impression stole
Whirligig baby shrug
Lotus Leaf scarf (x3)
Traveling Woman shawl
Mini sweater
Multnomah shawl
Handspun Traveling Woman shawl
Astoria socks (for the Community Sock club - pattern available in 2010)
Julep beret
Basket Whip Cowl
198 yds. of Heaven shawl
Citron shawl

There was also a Cowl'd and Frosty Morning, but I never did get a picture before I gifted it at Christmas.

Lots of spinning happened, too. And of course there was the TKGA show and Sock Summit and Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival and an entrelac workshop and S.O.A.R.

I designed and released five patterns into the world and have another that just needs testing. Not sure why I've put that one off. Just distracted, I guess.

I have several WIPs that I want to finish up soon. And of course there are lots of things in the queue for 2010, including at least a couple of new designs.

Looking back is an interesting thing because it's often much easier to think of things I didn't finish rather than those that I did. However, now I'm focused on looking forward.

Harmonia's RIngs by Sivia Harding
And to start things off, I finished Harmonia's Rings on January 1, 2010. This Sivia Harding pattern is awesome and a very quick knit. I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu in the colorway In the Navy. It's yarn that's been in my stash for a very long time and it worked up beautifully in this pattern. I still have plenty left for something else, too.

What are you looking forward to in 2010?

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