Friday, November 20, 2009

Traveling Woman

Actually, I haven't been traveling at all since I got home from SOAR. But, I did knit this. . .

That's a Traveling Woman shawl (Ravelry link) -- or shawlette, since it's very petite. This was a very quick knit. I started it on a Wednesday evening at knit night and finished it the following Sunday evening. Not that I knit straight through or anything. I still had regular things to do, like work and watching Survivor and such. (Okay, watching Survivor was really knitting time, but who's counting?)

Anyway, the point is that it works up very quickly, which is great this time of year. This is destined to be a Christmas gift for a friend who doesn't "do" computers, so all is safe.

I used Jojoland Melody in color number Y11. I used the 100% wool version of this yarn, not the superwash. I didn't alter anything in the pattern and used just slightly more than one ball of yarn.

P1020747When I first took this off the needles, it did the typical lace thing, looking tiny and sorta pathetic. I thought, "Well, she can wear it as a scarf and it'll still be pretty cool. Besides, she's a small person." Oh, how quickly we forget what a good blocking can do for lace!

P1020749So I put it in a sink full of tepid water and some Eucalan and let it soak a while. Then I pulled it out and started blocking it. And, lo and behold, it did what lace does. It stretched as if attending a really vigorous yoga class and bloomed into something totally lovely. (Sorry for the crappy picture -- it was about midnight when I took this.)

Yep, it blocked out to exactly the measurements the patten promises. Which is to say, it's a small shawl, about 48" x 17", which is just right for wearing in a variety of ways.

I hope my friend likes it. Blue is her absolute favorite color. Millicent sure seemed to cozy up to it!

Next on the needles is the Multnomah shawl (another Ravelry link) in Malabrigo Sock. I'm using the beautiful Indiecita. It's destined to be a gift, too, and should be finished fairly soon. I started it on Monday night and have about 20 rows of the feather and fan lace left to complete.

I am loving these quick shawls! Perfect quick projects for the gray rainy days of November.


Rachel said...

Love the colour of the shawlette!

Sharon said...

That is just beautiful!

Ann said...

It's gorgeous & I love the colors! Recently I am addicited to knitting shawls - quick projects & so satisfying when blocking.