Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sock Summit - Official Day 1

For me, today was really Day 2 since I volunteered yesterday at the loading dock as vendors arrived. But today was the first "official" day when all the fun really kicked in.

I started off at 8:00 as a "roamer" in the marketplace. This means that I got to run around as folks set up their booths, chit-chat with them a bit, fondle merchandise, and run and get them whatever they needed -- information, more S-hooks to hang things, etcetera. It was some true organized chaos as boxes and palettes and bags of yarn and fiber and books and stitch markers and cute project bags and just about anything knitting-related you can think of littered the aisles and began to get organized in the booths.

The marketplace didn't open until 4:30 when the afternoon classes finished, but the buffet adjacent to the market was open for lunch. I helped create a virtual wall between the buffet area and the vendor booths so that folks wouldn't try to start shopping early. I told a couple of eager knitters that it was okay to lean and look and drool since I was certain I could find a couple of Sham-WOWs to clean it up. LOL Folks were very cooperative and nice.

By 1:15, I had delivered all the pre-ordered patterns and samples to Serendipitous Ewe, Abundant Yarn, and Abstract Fiber and I was off to class with Amy Singer. I learned all kinds of tips about what makes a pattern memorable and likely to be published in Knitty. Now the challenge will be coming up with something that stands out!

After class, everyone was gathering in the foyer and waiting for the marketplace to open. A few minutes before 4:30, Stephanie and Tina appeared and led the crowd in a rousing rendition of "99 pairs of socks on the wall." I think I captured it on video with my camera, but I don't have time tonight to check. If it worked, I'll post it later, probably Sunday night. :)

When it was almost time to open the doors, everyone did a countdown and then it was mass a movement towards the door and the shopping began. I managed to control myself and only purchased a few things. Details later. Still have more to look at and am seriously considering spending way too much at Webs (they have Madeline Tosh Worsted in my favorite color -- and it's discountable!), but we'll see.

Tomorrow morning I'll be working at the SS09 bookstore until around 10:00. If you need a book by your favorite author for the afternoon booksigning event, or if you want some SS09 SWAG that you didn't pre-order, come on by and I'll hook you up as best I can. :)

At lunchtime, I'll be helping to wrangle knitters into place for the attempt at a Guinness World Record for the most knitters in one room all knitting at the same time. After that, I may be working at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth for a while. We'll see.

And then tomorrow night is the Sock Hop at the Art Museum.

For now, my feet hurt and I need (and I do mean NEED) to go watch my tape of the So You Think You Can Dance finale. I love that show!

More to come. . .

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