Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Things are springing up all over

Spring is almost here. We've had a bit of sunshine in the last couple of days, intermingled with rain showers of course -- after all, this is the Pacific Northwest -- and the crocus didn't waste any time in popping their heads out in response.

Of course in true springtime fashion, the weather folks are saying we may still see a dusting of snow this weekend. Whatever.

Anyway, today the UPS guy delivered a package to my door and it contained my new Lexi Barnes Lady B bag! Whoo-hoo! I already had the matching circular needle and crochet hook cases. And there was a bonus, too! In the box was the little zippered case you can sort of see in the picture.

The Lady B is a great bag. It's big without being too bulky, stands up on its own, opens really wide for easy access to things, has lots of different-sized pockets on the inside, and a large pocket on the outside, too. It was on sale and there was an additional discount offered to Knitty readers (iluvknitty), so I couldn't pass it up.

In the super-bonus category for today, I saw my accountant and went through the annual income tax shuffle. Turns out that I will only need to pay the government a very small (we're talking barely three figures here) amount beyond the estimates I paid last year. If you've ever been self-employed, you will understand why that's a BIG deal. Sweet!

Hope your week is going well, too! :)

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Rachel said...

Cute bag! Can't wait to see it and drool over it ;)