Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad blogger!

Long time, no post!

I've been working on a couple of things that aren't quite ready for prime time. They will be soon, though, along with patterns, so if you've stayed with me through the long silence, keep coming back. :)

With all the snow, Christmas celebrations got delayed until last Friday. That was convenient for me in a couple of ways. First, I got time to make some things that I wouldn't have been able to finish otherwise, and second, we celebrated Christmas on my birthday! Score!

Anyway, with the gifts given, I can now show you these:

Maine Morning Mitts Maine Morning Mitts from The Knitter's Book of Yarn. These are done in Filtes King Extra Stampato. They worked up very quickly and are nice and cozy and warm to wear. I gifted them to Dalton who proclaimed them to be "beast" (which I gather is cool), so I consider them a success.

calorimetryAnother "beast" project was the trio of Calorimetry headbands, gifted to Angel, Tina, and Alexa. The one on the left is in my own handspun; the other two are Noro Silk Garden. I forget the color number (I'm sure Karen could tell me), but they're both from the same skein.

It was fun watching the gals come up with new ways to wear them. Silly me didn't have my camera to take pictures, though. I think the "my tooth hurts" chin sling was the funniest!

wash clothsThen there was this set of wash cloths I crocheted for Norma. I paired them with some lovely lavender-scented, hand-milled soap. Love the crocheted patterns; they work up so quickly and look great!

That catches things up a bit. I'll try not to be so scarce now! If you've stuck with me, thanks!


Sharon said...

Lovely knitting and crocheting! Maine Morning Mitts is a great pattern.

Karen said...

Hmmmm..... found some in my stash, it's #8