Monday, December 22, 2008


Back patio visitor tracks
These tracks were on my back patio the other day. A bird must have been looking for some morsels or just some temporary shelter. I'm sure my cat went a bit crazy while it was there since she likes to sit in that window and keep an eye on the back yard.
animal tracks
Then this morning, these tracks appeared in the same location. Looks like a raccoon to me -- definitely not a cat. There was a trail of tracks around the perimeter of my house and my neighbor's house the led directly to the unscreened vent on the side of the neighbor's house. That's a spot that has been a haven for raccoons and cats for several years. I had seen a raccoon come out of there a year or so ago and alerted her to the the problem, but she didn't do anything about it until this fall, at which time she had someone come out and trap the raccoon -- but then she never got the screen on the vent repaired! Looks like there's a new resident there now. I can't imagine what damage must be happening in the crawlspace of her house.

I shoveled a path from my garage to my porch to the ruts in the shared driveway the 4-wheel-drive vehicles have made. Now it's at least easier/safer to get out to the main street for walks or to retrieve the mail.

Looks like it's going to be another snowbound week. More pictures (updated daily) on my Flickr account. You can see the progression and accumulation of snow there.

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Anonymous said...

Those two pictures would look great up on a wall! I love them.