Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My day in pictures (mostly)

While I was enjoying my morning coffee, movement in the backyard caught my eye. It was these guys.


This pair lives in the neighborhood and they were merrily chasing each other through the trees. The frozen branches do a good job of providing adequate bridges and they have incredible balance. One finally slowed down to munch on some birch seed pods.


I know they hit the ground at some point, because I put some walnuts on the back patio for them and found this evidence that they at least checked them out (most of the walnuts are still there, though).

squirrel tracks

My cat, Miss Ellie, would love to chase the squirrels, but she doesn't go outside. Well, at least she's not supposed to. The other day she darted past me when I opened the front door. By the time I got shoes on, however, she came running back inside. I guess she figured out that warm/dry inside was a lot better than cold/snowy outside. Whew!


I had a lot of transcribing to do today, but took a break to shovel my driveway. Not that it does much good since none of my neighbors have shoveled and the rest of our "street" (really a driveway shared by six houses) is covered in about an inch of packed ice from the 4WD vehicles going back and forth. Guess I'll be staying in. Oh well.

driveway shoveled

It was back to typing. In the afternoon, I took another break to get some more pictures. Icicles on the dogwood next to my front porch:

view through icicles

And berries on the same tree.

dogwood fruit

All this snow and ice may be inconvenient, but it sure makes for pretty pictures!

Inside, it's warm and cozy. Food supplies are holding up okay, even if the selection is a bit boring. So far, power has remained on. A new storm is due to arrive in the morning, bringing another four to eight inches of the white stuff. Oh, joy. :P

Are you sick of reading my blog yet? One side effect of being cooped up in the house is that I have more time to write entries. :)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Looks like I'll still be stuck here, but things could be a whole lot worse. Wherever you find yourself, I hope you're warm and safe. Happy Holidays!


pdxknitterati said...

Pictures, knit, blog, pictures, knit, blog...me, too!

I love the icicle tree. And your table (out back from the door) looks like my bird bath! Snow cake.

I haven't seen our neighborhood squirrels since the snow came, not even foot prints. But the birds have left lots of prints! I've been tossing seed on the snow for them.

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the pictures you are taking. The two last ones were my favorites! The berries are just incredible! Gorgeous pics!

Joy said...

Thanks for the neat photos! Happy holidays.