Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How a knitter procrastinates

What's a work-at-home girl to do when she doesn't feel like working? Well, knit, of course!

In this case, knit a Calorimetry using homespun superwash wool. This is my first time knitting with my very own handspun and I like it a lot. Of course it helps that the pattern is simple and brilliant all at the same time.

I used about 65 grams worth of the yarn I spun from dragon waste, so there's enough to make a second one, too, which I just may do. It took me about three hours, including swatch time (yes, I actually swatched -- didn't want this to come out sized for Shrek's head).

Since I keep my hair short, this isn't for me. I hope the recipient likes it!

And boy, oh, boy do I need a haircut! Those bangs are driving me nuts! I have an appointment tomorrow, but there's another storm heading our way that, according to the doomsayers meteorologists, is going to be much stronger than the one we just had. I'm hoping I can get in and get out again before the worst of it hits!

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