Thursday, May 01, 2008

Leafling socks and my first sweater!

I'm back! Well, I didn't go anywhere, really, but somehow it's been a week (again) since I posted. So here goes with an update.

LeaflingI finished the Leafling socks, the March installment from the Rockin' Sock Club. I really liked this pattern and the yarn, too. It's medium-weight Socks that Rock in the club color Lucky. I hadn't used the medium weight before. The socks worked up very quickly on US size 2 needles and are very thick and warm -- probably thicker than I would usually like, but great for boots or clogs or Birkenstocks.

These socks were gifted to my friend Angel last week. It was her birthday and her friends and family managed to pull off a surprise party that really was a surprise. Not an easy thing to do! I hope to get a picture of her wearing the socks soon. :)

Mr Greenjeans finishedIn other knitting news, I finally finished Mr. Greenjeans! This is my first sweater, ever, and I'm pleased with how it came out -- well, almost anyway.

When I chose the yarn (Plymouth Tweed), I did a large swatch and washed it. The washing caused the yarn to full slightly (and soften considerably) and I took my gauge measurements from that. Well, either the gauge lied or I don't know what size I'm supposed to make for myself. Either is possible. The sweater is quite large on me. It's wearable, but not great.

I washed it today and it fulled slightly, but is still too large. I threw it in the dryer and let it dry 90% of the way. Still too large. I may run it through another cycle and see what happens. I'm not sure. I really, really want to wear this on the Sea Socks cruise next week!

Next up is a pair of felted slippers for the cruise. There's a contest for these with some cool prizes, so I have to try. They should go fairly quickly, so I'm optimistic. I guess I could always felt them in a hot tub on board the ship or something. LOL

Yes, the cruise is next week! We head to Seattle on Thursday in order to be there for a trip to Bainbridge Island and Churchmouse Yarns Thursday night and a yarn crawl on Friday. I'm stoked!


Sharon said...

Your sweater is just gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing it. And I love the socks. Girl, you are a knitting phenom!

Michelle said...

Oh, the sweater is such a pretty color. I hope you're able to make it wearable! And have fun on that cruise--I'm envious!