Friday, March 07, 2008

This one's kinda all over the place

It must be close to spring. After all, the mating rituals have commenced!

This was taken through a window gazing into my back yard. These two were at it for quite a while, which made my poor cat a bit berserk. Wonder if she's jealous?

Aside from this sign that spring is nearly here, we have this:

Yes, Millicent went outside for a bit yesterday for a brief photo shoot among the crocus and daffodils. I'd show you more, but she's modeling a test knit hat, so I can't. Suffice it to say that the pattern was quite simple, yet elegant and had I used the recommended yarn (Tilli Tomas Rockstar), I'm sure that Millicent would have insisted on an evening photo shoot, complete with champagne and press coverage. But alas, all I had in worsted weight in my stash was some leftover Knit Picks Superwash Bare from a previous test knit. It worked up beautifully, though, even if it doesn't have beads.

Much thanks to those of you who left comments and sent emails of support and input for my dream of an idea. I don't know if it will happen or not, or if it does, where it may be located, but I'm continuing to explore the possibilities. (That's code for I'm obsessed with trying to figure a way to make something work.) Never fear, you'll read all about it here if things progress from dream to reality.

Wednesday night's knit & sip group was great fun, as always. Sharon brought her bag of crack freshly dyed yarn and everyone oohed and ahhed in our usual, enthusiastic way. A few of us got a bit carried away, but since Bobbie was the only one with a camera, you'll have to wait for her to blog about it to see what I mean.

However, to give you a taste of the lusciousness that is Stitch Jones yarn, here is 900 yards of DK weight that Sharon made for me in her Gene Simmons colorway. Doesn't it just scream KISS? I'm going to make another Clapotis so I can get a Gene Simmons hug whenever I want!

More progress has been made on Mr. Greenjeans. I'm almost finished with the body and ready to move to the sleeves. I have to keep taking measurements and reminding myself that it's going to shrink some when I wash it, because it feels like it's huge right now. When I do the sleeves, I'll do them two at a time so that (a) I feel like I'm finishing faster, and (b) I'm sure to make them the same length -- no guessing.

That's about it from here for the moment. Today is just grey, no sign of sunshine or rain. Blah. Oh well, I have a ton of transcription to get done anyway!

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Sharon said...

We did have a blast, didn't we? :) Wednesday night Sip & Stitch has become the highlight of my week. Can't wait to see the Gene Simmons Clapotis!