Sunday, March 09, 2008

Shall we bow our heads. . .

. . . and say goodbye to an hour of time, courtesy of Daylight Savings. (Did we just end it, or start it? I can never remember which is which!) I really, really hate this system. My body just begins to adjust to the natural order of the Earth's rotation and change of seasons, along with the shorter/longer days (depending on time of year) and then the government comes along and decrees that everything must shift by an hour. Blah! One article in the paper said it takes the average person about a week to adjust to the sudden switch. I guess I'm average. Maybe I should move to Arizona or one of the other states that thumbs thier noses at this time change thing.

In further memorial silence, let us bid a fond farewell to this sock.
worn out sea sock
It served me well and I shall miss it terribly. I knit this pair of socks last year, mostly during a Caribbean cruise, and I love them. Unfortunately, me loving a pair of socks results in the bottom of them wearing through like this. There's no repairing them, either, because the fabric on the sole of both socks is pretty much see-through now. Maybe I should take them with me on the Sea Socks cruise for a burial at sea to complete their cycle of life. :)

In happier news, I offer thanks to JamieKate from Ravelry. She listed some items for sale on one of the destash groups and I pounced on a couple of things. When I came home from working yesterday (another long day of 7 hours at the shop, followed by working a party until 10:00), there was a big box at my doorstep from Jamie. USPS really got the job done quickly!

Here's part of what was in the box:
Blue Moon Great Wall - wound
Yeah! I now have a jumbo winder and it works beautifully, as you can see by the huge ball of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Great Wall that I wound on it this morning. This is yarn I bought at Oregon Flock and Fiber last year. It's 494 grams, approximately 1,240 yards (1,134 meters) of luscious 60% Merino/40% Bamboo about DK weight yarn in the color In the Navy. I have been wanting to use it for something, but didn't have a way to wind it into one, continuous ball -- until now! Here it is again, on my scale, although the color is truer in the first picture:
Blue Moon Great Wall - 494g
Grand, isn't it??? :)

Also in the box was a 1-pound cone, approximately 1,000 yards of Henry's Attic wool/silk blend. This is awesome stuff! It's approximately fingering weight, but runs a little thick-thin. I think it will work up into something very pretty and soft. I may or may not dye it. The natural color is awfully pretty. Jamie sent along a pretty card and some candies, too. Thanks, Jamie!
Henrys Attic wool-silk 1-pound cone
No knew knitting content to share today, so this yarn prOn will have to do. Stay tuned!
Now, please excuse me while I go nap. Oh, wait, I can't! I have a three-hour medical conference that needs transcribing. Bother! See why I don't have knitting to show you??


Kerin said...

I am playing taps on a kazoo for your sock. May it rest in peace. :)

Jessica said...

Sorry about the sock. That sucks. :( Cool ball winder! I may have to pick one of those up at some point. The handspun skeins get kind of large sometimes.