Thursday, February 14, 2008

WOYNW? Dragon Fire socks

dragon fire WIP
Originally uploaded by maxfun47.

Here's a peak at the Dragon Fire socks that I'm working on. Does it look like flames to you? I sure hope so, 'cause that's what I'm going for!

This is the January Rockin' Sock Club yarn from Blue Moon. The colors show fairly true -- as well as red can show, I suppose. I'm working them on size US1 Addi Lace circs from the toe up, starting with Judy's Magic Cast-on. I started this very late last night and did the toe section, then started the pattern repeats this morning. What you're looking at is two repeats of the lace pattern.

So what do you think so far?


Anonymous said...

I really like your fire socks! Looks like it'll be a great pattern.

Pharasalia said...

Looking great so far! I'm loving this yarn too. I think the Serendipity pattern is really worth trying out with some other yarn. The pattern is fun.

Alwen said...

Wow! My mom would love that red!

Kathleen said...

I like it! The pattern repeat adds some texture without diminishing the striping. Can't wait to see more.

Ronni said...

Nice. I like that stitch pattern. It looks very nice with the yarn.

Soxnitter said...

I like your Dragon Fire socks. I used the Purl Lace pattern for my sock club yarn.


Sharon said...

Awesome red! and I love the stitch pattern.

Anonymous said...

That is a great looking stitch pattern!


P.S. I followed your link from the RSC site.