Friday, February 01, 2008


Clapotis blockingMy fever finally started to stay near normal on Thursday. The pounding headache and feeling like my eyes were going to pop out went away and I was able to function a bit. Yeah!

So how does a knitter celebrate beginning to feel normal again? Why by finishing a Clapotis, of course!

This morning I let it soak in a nice, cold Eucalan bath for a while, then gently blocked it. It's another grey day in Portland, thus the crummy picture.

Final size is 25" x 90", although I could have gotten it bigger with more aggressive blocking, but I don't know why I would want to. :)

Once I get it off the mat and can take some better pictures, I'll post all the vital stats.

Don't forget! If you're in the Tigard, Oregon area on Sunday between 10 and 3, stop in and visit at All About Yarn. I'll be there helping out with the Super Bowl Sale. :)



Sharon said...

Glad you're feeling better. The colors in your Clapotis are amazing. And thanks for the encouraging words on my blog! :)

Shelly said...

Wow, glad you're feeling better, beautiful Clapotis. I've given you the Make My Day Award. Details on my blog. Have a great one, and no relapse *fingers crossed*

Meanbean said...

I"m so glad you're feeling better!!! What crud :( Your Clapotis is really pretty....almost like a prism!! :)

Kasia said...

Your clapotis looks great!