Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh crud!

As in the crud. Remember when I said I was 90-something percent over my cold. Well, the cold had something else in mind!

Monday night at the shop, I got cold -- and couldn't get warm. I had been coughing, too, but figured that was just the vestiges of the cold. Well, by the time I got home, I was shivering. As in you're wearing three layers of clothing, a hat, and gloves and you're under a heavy blanket and you're still shivering.

Yup, fever. I shivered and coughed in bed until I fell asleep. Tuesday wasn't any better. Had to work at the shop for part of the day -- a quiet day, thank goodness -- then came home and repeated the cycle. No bowling league for me. The folks at the alley were nice enough to accept the faxed lineup and standings sheets and deal with it for me and a teammate helped out, too. I'll pick everything up from them this weekend.

Today is a little better. Fever is down some, cough is less. Head feels less full of helium. Eyes don't feel like they'll fall out of my head momentarily anymore. No knitting night for me tonight, though. Bummer.

You know how you can tell when a knitter is really sick? She can't concentrate enough to knit! Yup, that's me. So no updates on projects. Not even a start on the Rockin' Sock Club January sock. Crazy.
I have hopes for tomorrow.


Angelika said...

This weather seems to get everybody. Don't worry, you are not alone with the sniffles. But if you are too sick to knit a plain stockinette, then you are really down for the count. Hope you feel better soon.

Kathleen said...

Feel better soon. You'll be missed tonight.