Thursday, January 17, 2008


Excuse me! Somewhere along the line, a cold found its way into my head and the whole world is now fuzzy. It's really not bad -- just a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and a general hazy feeling in my head -- but I'm not used to being sick, so it slows me down a lot.

There are only two things I want to do: Sleep and knit.

Fortunately I'm not swamped with work, although I do have some transcribing to get done by Monday morning, and I don't have a party to work tonight. I was going to go to guild tonight, but I think I'll skip it and keep my sneezing to myself. I hope I'll be a bit better tomorrow so that I don't sneeze and sniffle my way through the party I'm working tomorrow night!

Dusty asked about the pattern for the ear flap hats I made. I bought the pattern at The Knitting Bee -- actually in the store. I'm not sure they ever had it online. They call it the Flap Jack Cap, so if you'd like a copy, contact Jami and her crew at the store and you can probably get one. :)

Okay, time for another shot of Airborne. It may not make the cold go away, but it does make me feel a bit better for a while. :)

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Shelly said...

Get well soon, Cindy.