Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cable & Twist mitts fini!

cable & twist mitts2I finished the pair of Cable &Twist mitts today. I love these! Sorry for the bad picture. It's really hard to get a picture of both your hands using the auto-timer setting on a camera!

I mentioned the pattern source for this in a previous post, so pardon the reptition, but here goes:

Pattern: Cable & Twist Mitts from Fearless Fibers (available as a kit or individual pattern)

Yarn: Fearless Fibers Superwash Merino in Sportweight, Imagine color

Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNs, 3.0mm, US size 2.5 (I thought I grabbed the US3 needles, but I missed -- the fit is good, though)

cable & twist mitts1
Modifications: Yep, I made a couple.

The simple one first. At the completion of the final cabled stitch repeat, the pattern says to decrease one stitch in the middle using a K2tog (right-leaning). Because it's in the center, I wanted a more centered look. The center cable has nine stitches. I slipped stitch four over stitch five to do the decrease. There are lots of other ways to do it, but that's what I chose and I like how it looks.

The major modification is that I added half-fingers instead of leaving the end completely open. The pattern has 50 stitches around, so I divided the stitches onto two needles, with the cable and twist pattern centered on one and then did a little math to divide for the fingers. Once I had the division of stitches set up, I knit six rows of 1x1 ribbing for each half finger.

Finally, the pattern calls for the thumb to be knit in stockinette all the way up. I changed the last four rows to 1x1 ribbing to match better with the fingers and keep it from rolling.

These are very warm and I love the color.

Plus, it's nice to have something done for me after all that Christmas knitting. :)

There are more WIPs coming soon. I started a scarf for my sister in the Palindrome pattern. It's a very simple, but effective reversible cable and I like how it's going. Great portable knitting, too.

And of course, the Noro Clapotis is still coming along. It's sort of my fallback project, I guess. I want to finish it before I cast on for Mr. Greenjeans, though.


Alwen said...

Gad! They're beautiful, both the yarn and the mitts. I could crawl right inside them. Can they be as soft as they look?

Mimi Lenox said...

Welcome To The Band

Sharon said...

very pretty!

you have received an award, visit my blog for details! :)