Monday, June 04, 2007

New Knit Picks catalog arrived

Just got my mail and in it was the new Knit Picks catalog. Inside is a picture of the first test knit I did for them, a Ribbon Vest. They've had it on their Web site for a while, but seeing it in print is just. . . well, special for me.

It looks a lot cuter on the model than it did laying flat. I'm not so sure they should call it "easy" since knitting with two strands of the Sparkles ladder yarn was no picnic for me, but the pattern itself is quite simple and could easily be adapted to a different kind of yarn.

I imagine the other project I did for them will be in an upcoming issue. It's sort of nerve-wracking to do this stuff. I knit it and hope that they like it. They pay me and I think, "Okay, maybe the liked it, maybe they're just paying me to shut up and go away." Then they ask if I want to do another project and all seems well. But there's still this nagging thought that they won't be able to use what I sent them. I guess my knitting confidence isn't as high as it should be. LOL


Angelika said...

Wow, I wish someone would publish my work. If I was you, I'd be very proud and carry that issue around with me to show everybody. How'd you get that job anyway?

Sorka said...

woo hoo! Isn't it fun!!! I am making a portfolio of my test knits.. I my latest one is in this issue!

keri said...

Ok, that is the neatest job EVER! You are lucky, I was always wondering who did the test knitting for them, sounds like fun!

Angelika said...

Can you drop me an email at gelimouse at hotmail dot com? I have some ?s Thanks