Saturday, March 24, 2007

New SWAG and a Mag

Have you gotten your entry for the blogiversary contest in yet? How about increasing your chances of winning? Do I need to remind you about the prize?

Happy Saturday! I loved getting my mail yesterday because I had two knitting-related items waiting for me. One was a package from Scout's SWAG with a beautiful set of martini sock blockers and a medium-sized Go-Knit pouch. The sock blockers are perfect to show the true progress I've made on the test-knit socks (and reassure me that I really did get the gauge correct). Plus, the GoKnit pouch is big enough to hold the in-progress socks as well as both skeins of yarn for the project and it looks a lot nicer than the big ZipLoc bag I was using.

And there's a bonus! The sock blockers came with the cutest little martini-glass stitch marker! Fun and useful, too!

The other item in the mailbox was my copy of Creative Knitting. Lots of nice projects in this issue, including a very cute Spring Dishcloth pattern. I cast on and made one of these beauties. I love the pattern. It has just enough texture to be useful and is very pleasing to the eye.


KarenK said...

Just dropping in to say hi! --Karen K. (also from Oregon)

Gale said...

You inspired me with your photo of the Lace Wings shawl of the SeaSilk yarn. I contacted the store and will be getting my own pattern soon. One happy camper here. :-) I love knitting shawls. Am learning to love socks. If only we didn't have 2 feet to knit for!! Gale in Arkansas

Little Old Liz said...

Those Sock Blockers are way cool. Are they sealed so that you can put the finished socks on wet to block?
That Scout -- she has everything!

Devonshire said...

I love those sock blockers. How can you go wrong with the martini cut-outs!!!