Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's two, two, two pairs of socks!

As I mentioned in my last post. I discovered that I did have enough yarn to complete two pairs of socks for the Socks 101 test knit. And now they're finished! There are a couple more pictures on my Flickr page. You may be able to see that there's a color difference between the two pairs. Manos del Uruguay yarn doesn't have dye lots, so each skein has some variance. In this case, one skein was a bit brighter than the other, so now it doesn't look so mistmatched as it did before -- not that that was a real issue, but. . . :)

Yesterday afternoon, the local news was all abuzz with warnings about a big arctic blast that would hit us sometime last night or today. Warnings of snow and ice abound! Cutesy storm names prevailed! Names such as “Winter Blast,” “Big Chill,” and “Winter Apocalypse” prevailed on local radio and TV news. For some reason, they just love naming a storm before it arrives here! Well, this morning, I awoke to a dusting of snow on the rooftops and sunshine. Then it started snowing in earnest with some really big flakes. My cat, Ellie, was fascinated by this! She sat in the window and kept twitching as the flakes fell, much as she does when a flock of birds visits the backyard. It was quite amusing. Here's what it looked like when the flakes stopped falling:

Pretty, eh? Well, it lasted about a half hour. THen the sun came out and melted it all away. We still may get more (it's lightly snowing right now), but it remains to be seen whether all the dire predictions on the weather reports last night come true. I just hope the roads stay drivable since I have to work in Wilsonville tonight (about a 40-minute drive for me).

Oh, I went the the bookstore yesterday with a gift certificate from a friend (thanks, Paula!) and got copies of The Yarn Harlot and Knitting Rules. Good stuff! Also spent a gift certificate I got for using my Amazon VISA card and ordered Folk Vests and One Skein. Happy Birthday to Me! :)

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