Sunday, January 07, 2007

And the party continues

Actually, I should say parties, because that's more accurate. December was very busy on the casino party front. I worked 19 parties during the course of the month, which is a lot. I dealt blackjack, three-card poker, let it ride poker, and roulette. Longest distance traveled to deal cards at a party in December was 200 miles to Sunriver; shortest was 4.25 miles. So far, January is just as busy, but I suspect it will taper off sharply at the end of the month. Meanwhile, the editing and transcription end of things was pretty quiet in December and is starting to pick up again now.

Why do I mention all that here? Mostly because I need an excuse for not having more to show, knitting wise, for this post. :)

Okay, I actually have been knitting and I actually did finish a scarf, but I can't put up a picture right now because it's destined to be a gift for a friend who might see it here first. And I actually have cast on for another scarf (a lacy one this time), but I can't show you that, either, because it's destined for another friend who might see it here.

Hey, didn't I say that after all the Christmas gift knitting I was going to work on things for me? Hmmmm.... Well, I did make the fingerless gloves...

If you're looking for a fast, fun knit to use up some of the non-superwashed wool or other feltable yarn you have hanging around, check out the KnitNotWar site and make a crane or two. I'm making a bunch of them (several are made, but not felted yet), some of which will go to the art installation and some I'll keep around for small gifts and just to hang here and there as decoration.

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