Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I have just been alerted by a friend that the Atom feed of my blog on Bloglines is displaying a very nasty German porn site instead of my humble knitting blog. (If you don't know what Bloglines is, don't feel bad -- I didn't, either!) If you use Bloglines and haven't clicked the link for my site recently, don't! At least not unless you want to see very explicit pictures. ACK!

Meanwhile, if you've reached this page as a result of clicking through from Bloglines because you wanted to see more German porn, sorry to disappoint. The only porn around here is yarn porn!

I'm trying to get the issue resolved, although I really have no idea how to do that. Emails have been sent. Messages have gone on message boards. The red flags are up!

For those of you whose eyes have been scorched by the feed update, my apologies. I can only say this: It's flattering to think that someone in Germany figured my site would get requested often enough in Bloglines that it was worth hijacking!!! (See, it's all in how you spin it!)

Edited to add: Bloglines responded really quickly (yeah, customer service lives!) and took the offending feed down. If you subscribe to my blog via Bloglines, however, be aware that the RSS feed does not appear to be up-to-date (it shows posts from August), so you won't be able to tell from Bloglines if I've posted something new -- at least not right now. :)

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Kansas A. said...

Thank goodness things are fixed, I think I was blind for an hour! :) LOL I am very happy to see "yarn porn" at your site.