Tuesday, December 12, 2006

By golly, it's a Major Award!

With a nod towards my favorite seasonal movie, "A Christmas Story," I won a Major Award! The UPS truck pulled up this morning and there was my very own "fra-jee-lay" box containing, not a leg lamp, but a beautiful Ott-Lite! What a nice addition to the holidays.

Unlike Darren McGavin's character in the movie, I didn't win this by completing puzzles. All I did was fill out a form on the Crochet Magazine Web site and click 'Enter.' And viola! An email arrived announcing my win and about three weeks later, the Ott-Lite showed up on my doorstep. Thanks DRG Publications! :)

So now all of you who have entered multiple online contests (like I have) can know that people really DO win stuff. :)

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