Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another one? Oh, my!

Warning! The sky may fall around your ears at any moment! Certainly posting twice in one day after such a long silence will have some sort of catastrophic event, don't you think? :)

Okay, folks in my knitting group have been after me to post pictures, so here are some "before and after" shots.

First, we have the space as it was when I leased it.

Now, I don't have anything particularly against pea green, but I sure didn't like it on these walls! I guess for the former tenant it made some sense. After all, it was an Asian/Organic convenience store of sorts. But for yarn and fiber, this color simply would not do.

Further, the floor looked like it had once been carpeted, but that was ripped up and someone did a really bad job of painting it. It was splotchy and changed colors towards the back of the shop. Just had to go.

So, Tom from Painting Visions came out and in a couple of days' time transformed the place for me. I had picked out some colors at Home Depot and he made them come to life. BTW, if you need a painter, I highly recommend Tom. He gave me a great deal and did a fabulous job very quickly. Hire him! :)

Anyway, here are the after shots (these were taken on my cell phone, so apologies for the quality or lack thereof):

Ah! Much nicer, don't you think? What you can't tell is that on the wall where the cement pillars are, there are three sections. They color starts off slightly darker in the first section, gets a bit lighter in the second section, and then goes to the lightest color for the rest of the walls. The lightest one is called Dogwood White, so it's not a true grey and not a hospital white, either. Just light enough to brighten the place without making your eyes hurt. The red wall in back and around the front windows is a color called Vin Rouge, which appeals to me on several levels!

And isn't the floor just SOOOOO much better?!

There will be a 4-foot black slat wall strip down the longest wall, with the checkout counter sort of in the middle. Seating will be in the front section to the left of the door as you come in. All the shelving is chrome wire carts on wheels, which I can roll out of the way when Portland Spinnerati meets at the shop.

There will be some track lighting added to the walls and brighter bulbs put in the overhead fixtures (which I'd love to replace, but can't afford to do just yet) and oh so many other little tidbits that you'll have to wait to discover!

Okay, I think that's all I have for now. More to come, of course!

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Gina said...

How exciting for you & for us to watch your store come to life before our eyes. Thanks for sharing.