Monday, March 01, 2010


Wow! I just blinked and February is gone. I'm not sure how it happens that when we're young life seems to move along so slowly and then, when we get older, it just seems to fly past in the blink of an eye. All I know is that is exactly what seems to be happening!

Did you watch the Olympics? I watched quite a bit, but it was really, really frustrating. A three-hour tape delay (thanks for nothing, NBC), combined with a lot of bad "color commentary" and constant hopping back and forth between coverage of one event then another (they seemed to jump away from a sport whenver an American was out of the running) are the kinds of things that made it frustrating.

Everything was happening just six hours to the north of me, yet I was denied the ability to see it live. Crazy-making stuff, that.

The capper was last night. I read tweets from my Canadian friends about what was happening and then, as they were signing off, finally got to see the closing ceremonies. Only to have NBC stop for "intermission" part way through so they could show us a truly mind-numbing waste of time in Jerry Seinfeld's new show, "The Marriage Ref," wherein celebrities sit in a studio and make fun of people who have very strange things they're arguing about and then determine a "winner" between husband and wife. Staged much?

This was followed by local news and then the rest of the closing ceremonies were aired. I think. I fell asleep and didn't see it.

Any tiny bit of redemption NBC earned by finally airing the last few hockey games live to all time zones was completely wiped away by that bozo programming decision last night.

Thanks for nothing, NBC. You suck.

Oh, and congratulations Team Canada on the gold-medal hockey game! Congrats also to Team USA. A silver medal is nothing to sneer at, especially when you played your heart out -- which you did!

Oh, were you looking for knitting content? Sorry. Nothing to show here. I'm turning the heel on the second of the crazy socks, but that's boring. And the other thing I'm working on is secret. It's turning out really, really nicely (at least to my eye), but I can't show you anything or tell you any details.

So... nothing to see here. Move along! :)


PNWBookGirl said...

Other than the dvr dropping some of the recorded shows, I found it best to watch and then fast forward over the BS. Made it so that I was behind on a lot of the comments being made, but I was able to watch a lot more this way.

Took me a couple of days to remember that the dvr was setup so that it only kept five episodes at a time. Bummer.

Lavendersheep said...

I completely agree! NBC's coverage was terrible from beginning to end.