Sunday, August 23, 2009

New routines

Wow! Time is flying past me. The summer is already waning and, for yet another year, I feel like I've mostly missed it. The new job is keeping my brain very engaged -- more so than it's been, work-wise, for quite a while. I'm starting to get used to the steps involved in the daily processing, but it's not yet to a point where I have total confidence.

I've also been surprised that having more hours available to do other things is actually a big discombobulating. Sounds silly, but once work is finished and I face an evening with no further work demands, I sorta don't know what to do with myself. Not that there aren't lots of things to do. It's just that I still feel like I should be working all the time. The result is that I do a bit of this and a bit of that and then return to the computer as if I was going to do some work. And then, since there is no work to be done, I putter around for a while and thus nothing "real" gets done.

I guess there's just no pleasing me! LOL

In any case, I have managed to get some knitting in.

Plymouth Happy FeetThis is a sample for the shop. It's my Slip 'n' Slide (Ravelry link) sock pattern knit in Plymouth Happy Feet. I really think this pattern looks good in just about any yarn, solid, variegated, or striped, and it's a very easy-to-remember repeat, so it knits up quickly. Right now, it's available through All About Yarn, Abstract Fiber, and Serendipitous Ewe. Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks also has some copies, but sadly they are closing their brick-and-mortar store and I'm not sure if the pattern will remain available on their Web site or not.

Plymouth Royal Llama SilkAnd this is the Columbia scarf pattern that I originally designed in Imperial Stock Ranch pencil roving. I'm reworking it and adjusting the pattern so that it can be knit with any yarn by adjusting the number of lace repeats between the center and outer cables. This one is done using Plymouth Royal Llama Silk. It's not blocked yet, but you can still get a taste for how it will look. Stay tuned for pattern availability.

Sarah Cardigan startFinally, at Sock Summit I purchased a sweater's worth of Madelinetosh Worsted in the Fjord colorway from WEBS. I also bought a copy of the book "Button Up Your Top Down" from Cabin Fever. This is the progress on pairing the two together. It will become the Sarah Cardigan and I think it will be a lovely pairing. The yarn is superwash, so the resulting sweater will hopefully become one of my "go-to" pieces in the fall and get a lot of wear. I am so infatuated with the color an the yarn and the pattern that I can't even express it in words.

Sara Cardigan - from bookHere's the picture of the sweater in the book. The detailing at the small of the back and the wrists is so pretty, while the simplicity of the rest of the design lets the yarn show off nicely. And I love, love, love the big ribbed collar. Perfect if you get caught out on a windy day with no scarf.

For now, that's about all I've got. There are some design prospects swirling in my brain, a lot of yarn in my house that is begging to be knit into beautiful items, and quite a big of fiber waiting to be spun, too. As soon as I get used to my new schedule, I should be able to make some dents in all of it!


Little Ol' Liz said...

Wow - that knitting book uses real sized women to model? Fabulous!

I think this summer has been a bit wonky all over. Ho where is shouldn't be, cool where it's normally sweltering. It really sets the internal clock off. I could do with a 3 month Fall myself. :)

Shelly said...

I'm so glad to your beautiful design work getting out there.

marsha said...

I have gone to each of the sites you said would have the "slip n slide" pattern. No one seems to have it. I am so sad. :( Is there anywhere else you can think of that might have it for sell? I love it and since I am making lots of socks this year I think this one will be a great "stock sock" for everyone.
Thanks, Marsha