Friday, April 17, 2009

Not totally clueless

Just busy.

Here's the Secret Shawl KAL completed through Clue 4.
Thru Clue 4 - good color
This is fairly true to color (Malabrigo lace in Blue Surf). I'm doing the three-section, "winged" version and the picture shows the middle section.

I started a second skein of yarn while completing the last two rows of Clue 4. I'm glad I have three skeins because then I should be able to make the entire shawl, including the "bonus" eighth section, without running short on yardage.

Thru Clue 4 - measuredHere's another shot showing an indication of size. When I block the finished piece, it will probably be at least this tight, so the 22-inch depth from neck to bottom back after Clue 4 is a pretty good indicator that this is going to be a good-sized shawl.

I bought some beads yesterday that I plan to use either in the final repeat or on the edging. I couldn't decide between three different colors, so I bought all three. Once I see the final charts for the shawl, I'll decide which to use. This yarn is so light that I want a little something to give it some drape when wearing.

I'm loving the pattern. It's very easy to follow due to the geometric lines, and it's flowing nicely.

Other than that, not a lot of knitting has been happening. I'm working on a couple of things I can't show you yet and I got some spinning done, but the plying isn't finished yet. Just too much stuff going on.

And then there's this cold that just won't go away! It keeps retreating for a week or so and then returning. Major pain. I thought maybe it was allergies this time, but I'm thinking it's just another cold in my nose. Pffft!

At least the weather is warming up and the weather people keep promising sunshine -- haven't actually seen much of it yet, but they're promising!


Rachel said...

It's lovely!

PNWBookGirl said...

Very, very pretty!

Sharon said...

Love that shade of blue.