Thursday, April 30, 2009

Civic duty and all that jazz

I got a jury summons.

I went.

I got questioned.

I told them I was raised by a County Sheriff and have a brother who is a public defender -- and that I think my brother is on the wrong side. (Sorry, bro.)

They didn't seem to care.

I'm juror #5.

The trial started late this afternoon and goes, potentially, through next week.

I can't tell you more than that until the whole thing is over.

And no, I can't knit during the trial. No knitting needles are allowed in the courthouse. Rats!


pdxknitterati said...

How 'bout a crochet hook? I'm getting a hankering for granny squares!

Little Ol' Liz said...

They say no one should be judged by 12 people who weren't (ahem) smart enough to get out of Jury Duty.

It's a PITA, but you may actually learn a lot about the Judicial System. I served years ago (I was so what they were looking for, without trying) and still think it was a valuable experience. Just don'r expect to see any LA Law or Boston Legal. And get enough sleep -- trials are notoriously boring.

And there's always finger crochet and weaving if you get twitchy.

Terrye said...

Remember when knitting needles weren't allowed on planes, right after 9/11? But they did allow sharpened pencils. And if those pencils had nail polish on the ends to keep them from breaking well, who knew? Might have been limited by gauge, but it worked! But hey, this is our little secret, TSA doesn't need to know about it!

Sorka said...

I was just going to suggest pencils or chopsticks.. just in protest! Not while in the jury box naturally.. a simply ridiculous rule.. when there are so many more handy weapons in the building.. like chairs and power cords and such.. ut oh.. I'll stop now.

Sharon said...

Missed you at knit night! Hope the trial is over with soon.