Friday, February 13, 2009

All play, no work

The bad news: Work has been slow lately.
The good news: I have more time for knitting and spinning!

Here's how I spent my time yesterday.

Stitchjones Merino Bulb Garden - 226 yds - 13 wpi

Actually, I spun the singles on Wednesday and plied them yesterday. That's 4 ounces of Merino roving purchased from Stitchjones in the Bulb Garden colorway. I wish you could feel the "squishiness" through the computer monitor. This is one heckuva springy, soft yarn. It reminds me of all things spring, which is perfect on a gray February day.

The spinning singles went a little bit thick-thin on me, but that's okay. I got 226 yards at 13wpi from 4 ounces of fiber. Not bad. I even managed to come out almost even on the two bobbins. Before I started, I separated the roving into two sections of equal weight (love my digital kitchen scale for that). Then I split each of the two sections in half and spun them onto two separate bobbins in the same color order. This resulted in the sometimes solid, sometimes barber-poled yarn. I love, love, love it! Best of all, there's enough yardage to have quite a few choices of things to make. Hmmm. . .

Next up, some knitting:

Vickis Victory Scarf - Abstract Fibers1

That's the start of another Vicki's Victory Scarf being knit with two strands of merino/tencel from Abstract Fiber in the Sangria colorway. This is a sample for Susan to use in her booth at Stitches West at the end of the month (provided, of course, that I get it finished). It's coming out great! The tencel gives the fabric a lovely drape and sheen and the color is marvelous.

And since I hadn't taken the Spinners Hill yarn off the bobbin last time I posted about it, here's a "money shot" of the finished skein.

8 oz Spinners Hill Corriedale-Finn Ramboullet - Fall colors4

That's about 688 yards at 15 wpi. It's so pretty that I can't stop touching it. I have no idea what it will become, or even if it will become anything. For now, I'm content to just look at it and fondle it occasionally. :)

I think the next thing on the wheel will be this:

Stitchjones BFL Bollywood - fiber

More from Stitchjones, this time it's 4 ounces of Bluefaced Leicester (BFL, aka "biffle") in Sharon's Bollywood colorway. Can you tell the gray days are getting to me? Seriously, this is some pretty, pretty stuff. Sharon had some sock yarn dyed in this colorway that was awesome. I'm not sure if I'm glad someone bought it before I got a chance or not. (Seriously, I need more sock yarn like I need a hole in the head.) I'm happy I got this roving, though. It should be mega-fun to spin up!

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