Thursday, January 22, 2009

In with the new

Not a lot of new knitting happening here. I'm still working on the second Vicki's Victory Scarf in Ultra Alpaca. It's past the halfway mark now and moving along quickly, but that's about all I've got.

So, I thought I'd show you some of the things that have been arriving here lately to enhance the stash. Not that I need more yarn, but who can resist these beauties? And beauties on sale? Even better!

First, some Malabrigo Lace in Pearl and Blue Sky. These were on sale at Woolgirl and virtually jumped into my cart!

Malabrigo lace - Pearl Malabrigo lace - blue surf
Pictures can't do justice to the Pearl colorway. It looks mostly grey in the pictures, but there are subtle shades of pink in it that are absolutely lovely. And of course this stuff is about as soft as anything on Earth can get. With three skeins of each color at 470 yards each, there's plenty for some pretty shawl knitting.

Next, some Malabrigo Sock that I purchased a while back but didn't blog about. I guess I was holding out for a day like this where I needed some pretty pictures!

Malabrigo sock - caribeno Malabrigo sock - indiecita
That's Caribeno on the left and Indiecita on the right. The Caribeno will probably become socks, but the Indiecita I think will become something else that gets seen more by the public than my socks do. It's just too pretty to hide in a shoe!

Finally, if you are a Loopy Ewe enthusiast, or even a Groupie, you've probably seen the new line of Loopy Legends yarns. The yarns are dyed to specifications of some of Loopy's long-time customers by the folks at Zen String. When I saw the colors, I had to get a couple -- just couldn't resist!

Loopy Legends - Katrinas Memories of Oregon Loopy Legends - Debras Celtic Treasure

On the left is Katrina's Memories of Oregon. I think Katrina was inspired in the springtime for this one and it's gorgeous. I think it will become a pair of Leyburn socks, whose pattern should enhance the beautifully bright pastel colors. On the right is Debra's Celtic Treasure, which contains very saturated colors that I love, all in one place. There are plenty of other colors in the Legends line that I covet as well, but these two were irresistible!

Okay, now I need to get back to finishing the sample Vicki's Victory Scarf and finalizing another scarf pattern to show you, too. (Two samples for that one are already completed. See? I have been knitting!)

Stay tuned!

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Sharon said...

Nice stash enhancement!