Saturday, December 20, 2008

White is the new black.

Arctic Blast 2, Hillsboro, ORIt seems like white is all I've seen for the last week when I look outside. There were a few times this week when blue sky came out and things cleared up a little. Just enough that, if you were quick about it, you could get to the grocery store or the mall or the post office and back home again before it started snowing some more.

Yesterday during one of those breaks, I went to the shop and hung out for a while. I needed to get some human interaction after being cooped up since Sunday and I wanted to see how the roads were since I was slated to work there today. The roads yesterday were very nice with the major arteries and freeways virtually clear. But by the time I headed home, the snow was falling again when I got to Hillsboro and the roads were quickly becoming white.

This morning when I got up, it was snowing and it hasn't let up at all. I made a phone call and a co-worker who has a truck and chains took my shift at the store (thanks, Melissa!). I'm not sure how long she stayed there. If it's been coming down in Tigard the way it is in Hillsboro, I'm guessing she closed early. At least I hope so. I think the high temperature here today was about 28F.

It could be worse. My sister is in Spokane where they've been measuring the snow in feet, not inches, and the high temps are single-digits before wind chill is figured in.

Arctic Blast, Hillsboro, ORTomorrow those who think they know what the weather will do are saying things will warm up -- just enough that we'll get freezing rain. Oh joy! At least in snow you can sometimes get a little traction. You can even go for a walk and not get soaked, just covered in tiny flakes. In freezing rain, everything turns to an ice rink and, if you're lucky enough not to fall on your butt, you get wet and frozen when you go for a walk. Bit improvement -- not!

The upside to being a forced shut-in, of course, is that I've been knitting. Finished another headband and some more coffee cozies, along with some crocheted washcloths to be paired with hand-milled soaps. I also have transcription to do, so I'm still working -- just without having to set foot outside my front door.

Oh, and last night I made candy and will be making some more tonight.

I guess I don't really mind it, except that it's inconvenient. I am losing money from not making it to my job at the LYS or to parties to deal casino games, but that's okay. I'd rather have myself and my car healthy and whole and dip into the savings a bit, if needed.

Wherever you are, arctic blast zone or not, I hope you're safe, warm, and cozy!


Patti said...

I'm glad you stayed home today. It is miserable here in Tigard. We went to store this morning and slipped all the way up our hill on the way home. We will be in for the duration.

Ann said...

Sounds like perfect weather to me if I can knit all day. Keep warm.