Friday, November 28, 2008

Slow motion

There's something about a Thanksgiving feast that sends me into slow-motion mode for at least a day afterward. Yeah, I know, it's the tryptophan, right? Sounds like a good excuse!

Regardless the reason, today feels very slow. I've done some knitting, watched the two hour "teaser" of 24: Redemption, washed towels, read the paper, edited a couple of small rush jobs, transcribed a bit, and then I looked at the clock and it was only 2:30! Feels more like 4:30 to me. Not that this is a bad thing.

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. I had dinner with friends and it was lovely. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we watched Fred Claus, which I had not seen before. Silly, but enjoyable. I particularly love the "Siblings Anonymous" meeting! Of course during the movie, I worked on a sock, but it's still not done and it's not particularly exciting, so no pics yet. (You saw the first one of the pair already anyway.)

Here's something I did finish. It's a sample baby sock that I knit partly to test the pattern and partly to display in the shop along with the kits we have for sale. It's a Stitchjones sock from her Little Feet baby sock kits. Each kit comes with 50 grams of yarn (enough to make a pair of baby socks) that's been dyed especially for little feet, and two patterns. Little Feet - laddersYou can get Chutes and Ladders or Bows and Arrows.

This one is the Ladders pattern in the Wildlife Island colorway. (Please disregard the DPN poking through in the picture! I didn't realize I poked it all the way through until I uploaded the image.) It's really simple and cute. And I love, love, love how the yarn stripes without pooling or flashing anywhere, even at the gusset. I'm not sure how Sharon does it, but it's great.

Little Feet - bows IPThis one is in progress. It's Bows from the Bows and Arrows kit in the Happily Ever After colorway. So sweet and the colors are marvelous -- just what I'm used to in Stitchjones yarns.

I still have Chutes and Arrows to do. These work up really quickly, so as long as I get a little time, a commodity that's hard to come by lately, I should have the set ready to go soon.

There are several colors available, and of course she's got 100-gram skeins of yarn for grownup socks, too. If you like what you see, check Sharon's Etsy shop or ask at your LYS. Stitchjones products are becoming available in more and more stores in the Portland, Oregon area and you never know where else they may crop up! :)

Oh, look! I managed to make it all the way to 3:00. Hmmm, seems like it should be at least 5:00. The slow motion day continues. . .


Sharon said...

awww thanks! It's always fun to watch you work your knitting mojo with my hand dyed yarns. <3

Sorka said...

Tres cute!