Tuesday, August 05, 2008

If this is Tuesday, you MUST have seen. . .

Not a lot of time today, but wanted to get something posted. So, here's a few tidbits to keep you going until I get some pictures of my own!

First, if you haven't seen this already, you're probably living under the Internet's version of a rock somewhere. But here goes anyway. If you've read about the new Twist Collective but not yet visited, take a few minutes to check it out. The pictures and format alone are worth the time. There are some lovely patterns (available for purchase individually) and interesting articles, too. There are some patterns I may just grab, but since I have a backlog of projects right now, I'll probably wait a bit. This is a new concept for an online knitting magazine and I like it so far. What do you think?

Next, there's another new online magazine, Knotions. Again, there are some great patterns, this time included for free, and good articles, including tutorials on things like knitting a lifted increase and adding short rows to a sweater.

I am loving these online 'zines!

On the local front, Deb at Fearless Fibers just announced her new sock club. This one's a little different. Over the course of three months, you get three different sock yarns -- we're talking different base yarns, not just colors -- and an accompanying, original pattern. Patterns are delivered via email (you can get a hardcopy on request if you really need it) so that you can save them on your hard drive forever and ever. If you're like me, that's a great bonus, 'cause I can actually find stuff on my computer, but in my fiber room? Not so much!

Now, that all sounds pretty much like any other sock club with just a minor variation or two, but wait, there's more! What Deb doesn't like about most sock clubs is the uncertainty. How do you know you're going to love everything? What if two of the three shipments are colors you absolutely hate? Well, now you can be Fearless (Fibers, that is)! Because when you sign up for this sock club, you specify what colors you want to receive in each of the three installments. You can choose from two custom colors each time, designed specifically for the sock club, OR, you can choose any of the standard colors Deb uses in her regular line of yarns. Now that's versatility in a sock club!

Trust me, Deb's yarns and sense of color are awesome. So if you want a taste of a sock club (three months' worth) without worrying whether you'll like the colors or not, check this one out!

Last, but certainly not least, look at these shoes! Do they look a little familiar? Yeah, that's my blog mascot gracing the toe. Zazzle just announced a new product -- customizable tennis shoes! I couldn't resist and just had to put my little mascot on some. She's knitting away on the toe box while the sides and back of the shoe are graced with a field of flowers. I couldn't decide whether to have her facing out or in, but finally decided I'd rather have her facing out since I already know I'm a Knit-Wit! What do you think?

You can get a pair for yourself on my Zazzle shop, or set up your own account and get creative!

Speaking of shoes, I just picked up a new pair of Z-Coils today. Mary Janes to show off handknit socks this fall and winter. Love, love, LOVE these shoes! I have three different styles and they are the only thing I wear anymore.

Okay, that's all for today. I have work to do!


tonya5015 said...

Hi, I went into a Z-coil store a few weeks ago and the shoes look really funky to me. I just don't know if i could balance all my weight on the littls spingy thingy on the back of the shoe. did you find you had to get use to them or was it immediately like walking on clouds. the sales rep assured me the were the most comfortable shoe every but I just couldn't get past the look of them or the price tag.

Cindy said...

Oh,you should try them on and walk around in them in the store a bit. I didn't find them hard to get used to at all. Yes, they are spendy -- about like a new pair of Birkenstocks -- but for me it's worth it because I can walk without pain. :)

The only thing that took some getting used to is that I have to watch out if I'm sitting on a stool or walking near any kind of cables or cords or whatever, 'cause it's easy to get caught in the coil. Other than that, they're easy peasy!